Bomb Cosmetics I Believe In Unicorns Bath Bomb

I found this adorable handmade soap and bath bomb at Brown’s Cosmetics in South Shields, they have an online store which ships worldwide. They also sell perfumes, makeup and gift sets. I just love how beautiful and girly they are, the I Believe In Unicorns bath blaster actually turns the bath water pink. They sell other unicorn bath bombs that I’m likely to buy soon too including the All I Want For Christmas Is U-nicorn Bath Blaster and The Last Unicorn Bath Blaster. They’re only 2 for £5 so they make great gifts or even gifts to yourself.


Bomb Cosmetics are cruelty-free and they also use bio-degradable glitters so they’re not harmful to the environment. All of the bombs and soaps contain essential oils, they don’t really have a strong scent but they’re good for your skin. If you want to see a video of the bath bomb being dropped in the water then head to my Instagram page.

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