Pink Guava Face Mask 7th Heaven

I have a major obsession with Montagne Jeunesse 7th Heaven masks, I have 5 bottles and over 20 packs plus some nose strips and hair masks. I get excited when I see ones I don’t have in the shops. My favourite is my first love the red hot earth sauna masque, which I tried for the first time when I was 11. The pink guava peel-off mask was released very recently, and I found mine in Savers Health and Beauty.


The mask contains collected vitamin C and fruits: guava, lime and mangosteen. I didn’t even know what a mangosteen fruit was and had to google it, I don’t know much about exotic fruits and assumed it would be a sort of mango but it looks nothing like a mango. The back of the mask says that mangosteen is “a natural break-out fighter” and guava “improves skin tone and dark spots”. It smells nice anyway. I’d say it’s one of their gentler masks as it doesn’t tingle.


After about 10 to 15 minutes it was dry but I decided to leave it on for the recommended 25 minutes to see if I could peel it off all in one piece. My face felt so stiff. I managed the all in one peel except it did tear when I got to my nose.


I really liked this mask which is cruelty-free and definitely worth a try. I will probably be reviewing the trick or treat yourself peel off mask for Halloween so subscribe to be kept up to date with my latest content.

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