5 Beauty Products For If You’re Stranded On An Island

A question I’ve been asked recently is “You’re stranded on a desert island and you’re only allowed 5 beauty products, what would they be?” It’s usually just another way of asking what your favourite beauty must-haves are but I’ve decided to answer it from a survival perspective. I mean honestly, if you’re stranded on an island then how you look is the last thing you’ll be thinking about. Here are my 5:

Suncream is my first choice, preferably high SPF because it’s going to be difficult to do anything under sunlight if you’re being burnt.

A Mirror could potentially be used to start a fire, signal a passing ship and check your body for parasites like ticks.

Oil is a fire accelerant so if you’re struggling to keep a fire alive oil can be really handy, I personally love using Bio-Oil and Pantene Pro-V Repair & Protect hair oil but in a survival situation I’m drawn to a large bottle of citronella oil. This is because citronella repels mosquitos.

E45 Itch Relief Cream is on my list because if you’re stranded on an island you’re likely to be bitten by flies and bugs. Being itchy and distracted is not good in a survival situation and scratching the bites could lead to an infection.

Nail Scissors can easily be turned into 2 effective fishing hooks by snapping them in half and bending the blades into U-shaped hooks. Hopefully, you’ll be able to use strands from plants or washed up net as the line.

Obviously, there are some none-beauty items that would be higher on my list like a metal container, first aid kit, hunting knife, lighter, rope, sleeping bag and tent but I hope you enjoyed this list. I’ve recently applied to be on The Island with Bear Grylls so wish me luck in the comments!

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5 Unicorn Snacks That I’m Obsessed With

I buy these unicorn snacks at B&M, they’re all really cheap yet delicious snacks that belong in a child’s lunchbox but end up in my handbag! This isn’t a favourite list because there’s a load of amazing unicorn snacks I haven’t been able to try yet but these are my B&M faves.

preview (1)

Fruit Funk Naturally Strawberry Flavoured Fruitbar is my favourite because it’s natural, vegan and low calorie and contains a lot of dried fruits. I buy these all the time and have a habit for taking them on my walks.

Mr Kipling Unicorn Slices are delicious little pink vanilla cake slices with lilac fondant icing and decorated with a white chocolate zig zag. They’re really nice.

Steenland Magical Unicorns Milk Chocolate Coins are just like other chocolate coins but with gorgeous unicorn stickers that you can peel off and put on your t-shirt or in your notebook.

Fressers Unicorn Bites are chocolate cream filled mini biscuits with unicorn patterns on the biscuits, they’re a bit like breadsticks with chocolate spread. They have a dino version as well but they both taste a little burnt on the pattern.

Magical Unicorn Pops are a lot like seaside rock, there are four flavours; blackcurrant, bubblegum, strawberry and tropical. I can’t even describe how tasty they are but there is a warning that it may have adverse effects on children’s attention.

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Cosmic Unicorn And Mermazing Shower Gels Imperial Leather

These shower gels are available in most supermarkets and many high street stores, usually for £1 or under. The bottles are so beautiful, dare I say Instagram-worthy. The mermaid shower gel has a lovely lotus scent whereas the unicorn shower gel is quite plain like soap. It doesn’t really smell like moon, sparkles or unicorn dust; actually, maybe it does because they don’t have a scent either!


I like Mermazing more than Cosmic Unicorn but my favourite body wash from Imperial Leather is still the Unicorn Marshmallow Foamburst which is sold for around £3 and honestly has a much nicer scent, it’s a pink marshmallow gel which turns to a white foam. I would actually recommend Mermazing to anyone on a budget because it’s a nice scent, pretty bottle and good value.

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Unicorn’s Heart Collection I Heart Revolution

I picked up these 3 items at Superdrug, two are by I Heart Revolution and one is Makeup Revolution but they’re both the same brand which also does Revolution Pro (come on guys, pick a name and stick with it)! The Unicorn’s Heart Eyeshadow Palette is £6.99 and there is a deal where it comes with a free lipstick from the same collection. The Unicorn’s Heart Lipstick would usually cost £4 and mine is in the shade Pink Wish. I also got the Rainbow Highlighter, I was going to get the similar Unicorn’s Heart one so I’d have a set but the Makeup Revolution one is in a pretty rainbow shape. It’s also cheaper: the Rainbow highlighter costs £4 whereas the Unicorn’s Heart one costs £4.99.


The Eyeshadow Palette comes with 12 shades, its compact so there’s no mirror or applicator, it’s got a magnet clasp. It’s a little similar to the Under Your Spell Eyeshadow Palette in that it’s some autumnal shades alongside some shimmery and glittery pastel shades. There’s some whites, pinks, purples, blues, burnt tones and a dark grey glittery one. I’ll leave some swatches down at the bottom.


The Rainbow Highlighter can go on as a regular highlighter but can be built up so you can see the rainbow effect, It’s going to get a lot more use in the Summer but I will also use it in my Halloween unicorn look.


The Rainbow’s Heart Lipstick in Pink Wish is a beautiful light pink lipstick with a light blue shimmer, if you roll the lipstick up to the top you will see a cute star pattern. I will probably use this lipstick a lot in the Spring.

IMG_20181012_225334_863 (1)

Overall, I really love this collection and would recommend it to anyone. To see the similar palette I mentioned check out Under Your Spell Eyeshadow Palette Makeup Revolution. You can also follow me on Twitter and Instagram.

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Fantasy Unicorn Makeup Brush Set

I picked up these brushes a couple of weeks ago from Savers Health & Beauty. It looks like they were made for Savers. The set contains 3 makeup brushes; a powder brush, A foundation brush and an eyeshadow brush for £4.99. All the brushes are sturdy, they may be budget but they’re functional and a good smaller set dupe for the original Unicorn Cosmetics brushes.


Powder Brush- this brush is a good sized powder brush for the price, it’s ideal for contouring.

Foundation Brush- this brush is really good for applying foundation. Ideally, you would still finish with a blending sponge for perfect results.

Eyeshadow Brush- this brush is for applying eyeshadow, I think it’s best use is using the side to do the under eye area for a smoky look.

To see more unicorn makeup brushes, check out my post about Peacocks Unicorn Brushes. You can also follow me on Twitter and Instagram.

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Under Your Spell Eyeshadow Palette Makeup Revolution

The second I saw this palette the song from the Buffy musical started playing in my head. This new 8 shade palette is half autumnal shades and half pastels perfectly designed for daily autumn makeup and a unicorn makeup look for Halloween. The shadows are large and there is a large mirror, but the set doesn’t come with an applicator. The box it comes in is really pretty but the palette itself is a little plain, it’s matte lilac plastic with gold chrome writing. It’s apparently a dupe for the Little Twin Stars palette by Sugarpill although this palette only has 6 shades.


Here are the included shades as described by Makeup Revolution;

Sorcery – copper shimmer
Charmed – gold shimmer
Bewitched – burnt copper shimmer
Enchanted – pale cream with a pink shift, satin finish
Siren Song – seafoam green satin finish
Magic Spell – pink with a gold shift
Voodoo Doll – lilac satin finish
Love Potion – pink satin finish

Because of the large size of the eyeshadows, they could also be used with a medium powder brush as bronzer, blush or highlighter.


Here are 3 eye looks I created using only the palette (and black eyeliner and mascara). The shade “Enchanted” is great for blending out the colour under the eyebrow and for applying on top of other shades to add a shimmer.


To see more of the Halloween Makeup by Makeup Revolution, check out Skull Makeup From Makeup Revolution. You can also follow me on Twitter and Instagram.

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Bomb Cosmetics I Believe In Unicorns Bath Bomb

I found this adorable handmade soap and bath bomb at Brown’s Cosmetics in South Shields, they have an online store which ships worldwide. They also sell perfumes, makeup and gift sets. I just love how beautiful and girly they are, the I Believe In Unicorns bath blaster actually turns the bath water pink. They sell other unicorn bath bombs that I’m likely to buy soon too including the All I Want For Christmas Is U-nicorn Bath Blaster and The Last Unicorn Bath Blaster. They’re only 2 for £5 so they make great gifts or even gifts to yourself.


Bomb Cosmetics are cruelty-free and they also use bio-degradable glitters so they’re not harmful to the environment. All of the bombs and soaps contain essential oils, they don’t really have a strong scent but they’re good for your skin. If you want to see a video of the bath bomb being dropped in the water then head to my Instagram page.

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Pink Guava Face Mask 7th Heaven

I have a major obsession with Montagne Jeunesse 7th Heaven masks, I have 5 bottles and over 20 packs plus some nose strips and hair masks. I get excited when I see ones I don’t have in the shops. My favourite is my first love the red hot earth sauna masque, which I tried for the first time when I was 11. The pink guava peel-off mask was released very recently, and I found mine in Savers Health and Beauty.


The mask contains collected vitamin C and fruits: guava, lime and mangosteen. I didn’t even know what a mangosteen fruit was and had to google it, I don’t know much about exotic fruits and assumed it would be a sort of mango but it looks nothing like a mango. The back of the mask says that mangosteen is “a natural break-out fighter” and guava “improves skin tone and dark spots”. It smells nice anyway. I’d say it’s one of their gentler masks as it doesn’t tingle.


After about 10 to 15 minutes it was dry but I decided to leave it on for the recommended 25 minutes to see if I could peel it off all in one piece. My face felt so stiff. I managed the all in one peel except it did tear when I got to my nose.


I really liked this mask which is cruelty-free and definitely worth a try. I will probably be reviewing the trick or treat yourself peel off mask for Halloween so subscribe to be kept up to date with my latest content.

npw Unicorn Colour Changing Nail Polish

Christmas gift sets are already making it to the supermarket shelves at Sainsbury’s and among them, I found this set of 2 colour changing nail polishes by npw. The set cost £6, I also picked up the unicorn sparkles confetti nail polish which I’m looking forward to trying out next time I do my nails.


The orange 2 yellow polish was quite disappointing as the shift isn’t very obvious and it takes 3 to 4 coats before the colour is solid. The purple 2 pink polish looks stunning though, If you run it under the hot tap it will turn pink and under the cold tap it will turn purple. If you have long nails the polish should turn pink from your body heat but stay purple on the tips like mine. It’s a beautiful effect that can look a little like a french tip or an ombre. Luckily the purple 2 pink polish applies perfectly in 1 to 2 coats. It’s a pity the bottle is only 8ml because it could look good in a water marble but I wouldn’t want to waste the polish


If you want to see a video of my nails changing colour under the water, you should head to my  Instagram page.

How To Use Colab Unicorn Dry Shampoo

Today is the 1st of October so this will be my first post as part of Blogtober 2018 which is a 30-day challenge to blog every single day. I’m going to be showing you how to use dry shampoo, I’m using these two from Colab. I don’t actually have a favourite, I love the unicorn fragrance one but the grl pwr one made with Missguided is super cute too and the cap comes with a voucher for 20% off when you shop at Missguided.


Dry shampoo can be a great way of keeping your hair looking good and preventing greasy hair. It should definitely be in your bag if you’re going camping or to a sleepover party but it can also save you if you wake up too late for a shower. These dry shampoos are without white residue so they’re suitable for use with any hair colour.

First you will need to get any tangles out of your hair, then you can part your hair, you need to keep parting your hair all the way through because you need to spray your roots.


Second keep parting and spraying your roots, try to keep the can around 8 inches away from your scalp.


Third run your fingers through your hair to spread the shampoo, it will take a couple of minutes to dry.


Forth brush and style as you usually would.


Only use it a maximum of three days in a row because it will build up, your hair still needs to be washed properly. Dry shampoo isn’t a replacement for your normal shampoo but it can be used between washes to remove grease from your hair and add a touch of volume. These ones also have lovely girly fragrances that make your hair smell nice.