5 Unicorn Snacks That I’m Obsessed With

I buy these unicorn snacks at B&M, they’re all really cheap yet delicious snacks that belong in a child’s lunchbox but end up in my handbag! This isn’t a favourite list because there’s a load of amazing unicorn snacks I haven’t been able to try yet but these are my B&M faves.

preview (1)

Fruit Funk Naturally Strawberry Flavoured Fruitbar is my favourite because it’s natural, vegan and low calorie and contains a lot of dried fruits. I buy these all the time and have a habit for taking them on my walks.

Mr Kipling Unicorn Slices are delicious little pink vanilla cake slices with lilac fondant icing and decorated with a white chocolate zig zag. They’re really nice.

Steenland Magical Unicorns Milk Chocolate Coins are just like other chocolate coins but with gorgeous unicorn stickers that you can peel off and put on your t-shirt or in your notebook.

Fressers Unicorn Bites are chocolate cream filled mini biscuits with unicorn patterns on the biscuits, they’re a bit like breadsticks with chocolate spread. They have a dino version as well but they both taste a little burnt on the pattern.

Magical Unicorn Pops are a lot like seaside rock, there are four flavours; blackcurrant, bubblegum, strawberry and tropical. I can’t even describe how tasty they are but there is a warning that it may have adverse effects on children’s attention.

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