5 Beauty Products For If You’re Stranded On An Island

A question I’ve been asked recently is “You’re stranded on a desert island and you’re only allowed 5 beauty products, what would they be?” It’s usually just another way of asking what your favourite beauty must-haves are but I’ve decided to answer it from a survival perspective. I mean honestly, if you’re stranded on an island then how you look is the last thing you’ll be thinking about. Here are my 5:

Suncream is my first choice, preferably high SPF because it’s going to be difficult to do anything under sunlight if you’re being burnt.

A Mirror could potentially be used to start a fire, signal a passing ship and check your body for parasites like ticks.

Oil is a fire accelerant so if you’re struggling to keep a fire alive oil can be really handy, I personally love using Bio-Oil and Pantene Pro-V Repair & Protect hair oil but in a survival situation I’m drawn to a large bottle of citronella oil. This is because citronella repels mosquitos.

E45 Itch Relief Cream is on my list because if you’re stranded on an island you’re likely to be bitten by flies and bugs. Being itchy and distracted is not good in a survival situation and scratching the bites could lead to an infection.

Nail Scissors can easily be turned into 2 effective fishing hooks by snapping them in half and bending the blades into U-shaped hooks. Hopefully, you’ll be able to use strands from plants or washed up net as the line.

Obviously, there are some none-beauty items that would be higher on my list like a metal container, first aid kit, hunting knife, lighter, rope, sleeping bag and tent but I hope you enjoyed this list. I’ve recently applied to be on The Island with Bear Grylls so wish me luck in the comments!

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