How To Apply PaintGlow Unicorn Glitter Face & Body Gel Kit

You may have seen the full-size 50ml PaintGlow Chunky Glitter tubes at Superdrug which are currently on sale at £3.95 down from £5.99 but I decided to buy a set of 6 13ml tubes from Browns Cosmetics for £12.99 instead so that I’d have more to swatch! Half of them are iridescent glitters and the other half are metallic glitters, the set also comes with a brush and sponge which you really need to apply it evenly.

The glitter gels claim to be the only chunky glitter in the world that is in a ready to use formula. I think that means the glitters are mixed in with the quick-drying fixing gel so you don’t have to mix anything together. It’s cosmetically certified, not tested on animals and made in the UK; It’s actually made in Cumbria so it’s northern glitter fit for a northern lass!


As you can see in the swatches all of the glitters are hexagonal and in two sizes, the products I’m using from left to right are:

Heartbreaker is a pink iridescent glitter

Mystic Mermaid is a green iridescent glitter

Gold Digger is a gold metallic glitter

Disco Fever is a silver metallic glitter

Helter Skelter is a purple metallic glitter

Unicorn Tears is a white iridescent glitter


The application can be a touch tricky because the formula dries quite quickly. If you’re going to buy an individual tube instead of the set, you should try to find a circular makeup sponge and a detail brush to work it in.

You can apply the glitter on thick or thin depending on how you want it to look. Personally, I find that less is more especially around your eye area it can feel a little uncomfortable if it’s on too thick and if you’re anything like me you’ll probably end up rubbing your eyes and ruining it anyway.

To apply the glitter to your skin squirt a small amount of gel onto the sponge and quickly spread it around your sponge so that none of the glitters are stacked on top of each other. Dab the sponge once on the desired area and then use the detail brush to get any pieces of glitter left on the sponge onto the skin. It can be tempting to dab a few times to get the glitter onto your face and to get rid of some of the excess gel but it dries surprisingly quickly so you need to work fast to get the glitter where you need it! When you’re finished if there are any gaps where you’d like a piece of glitter just use your detail brush to pick up and apply a single piece of glitter straight from the tube.


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Barry M Unicorn Primer Drops

I bought this primer at Superdrug for £7.99. It’s a dupe for Farsali Unicorn Essense, it’s an oil-free formula like the real thing. It’s a 15ml bottle that’s full of a pink shimmery primer. The primer contains fruit and berries that brighten your skin including watermelon, goji berry and acai berry.


The benefits of Unicorn Primer Drops (which is vegan and cruelty-free) include hydration, smoothing and detoxifying and protection from free radical damage. Because of the skin benefits, the primer can also be used as a hydration booster. I personally love using a couple of drops on my cheeks as a subtle blush.

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Unicorn’s Heart Collection I Heart Revolution

I picked up these 3 items at Superdrug, two are by I Heart Revolution and one is Makeup Revolution but they’re both the same brand which also does Revolution Pro (come on guys, pick a name and stick with it)! The Unicorn’s Heart Eyeshadow Palette is £6.99 and there is a deal where it comes with a free lipstick from the same collection. The Unicorn’s Heart Lipstick would usually cost £4 and mine is in the shade Pink Wish. I also got the Rainbow Highlighter, I was going to get the similar Unicorn’s Heart one so I’d have a set but the Makeup Revolution one is in a pretty rainbow shape. It’s also cheaper: the Rainbow highlighter costs £4 whereas the Unicorn’s Heart one costs £4.99.


The Eyeshadow Palette comes with 12 shades, its compact so there’s no mirror or applicator, it’s got a magnet clasp. It’s a little similar to the Under Your Spell Eyeshadow Palette in that it’s some autumnal shades alongside some shimmery and glittery pastel shades. There’s some whites, pinks, purples, blues, burnt tones and a dark grey glittery one. I’ll leave some swatches down at the bottom.


The Rainbow Highlighter can go on as a regular highlighter but can be built up so you can see the rainbow effect, It’s going to get a lot more use in the Summer but I will also use it in my Halloween unicorn look.


The Rainbow’s Heart Lipstick in Pink Wish is a beautiful light pink lipstick with a light blue shimmer, if you roll the lipstick up to the top you will see a cute star pattern. I will probably use this lipstick a lot in the Spring.

IMG_20181012_225334_863 (1)

Overall, I really love this collection and would recommend it to anyone. To see the similar palette I mentioned check out Under Your Spell Eyeshadow Palette Makeup Revolution. You can also follow me on Twitter and Instagram.

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Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Oil-Free Moisturiser

I went on a shopping trip today, I’ve been living in Newcastle for almost a year now but I still can’t navigate my way around Eldon Square. I picked up a few cute unicorn things but I’ll blog about them in a later post. It’s only day 8 of Blogtober so there are 22 more blog posts to write!


I found the Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Oil-Free Moisturiser at Superdrug. It’s a really good moisturiser for teenagers, young adults and anyone who suffers from oily skin and break-outs but I wouldn’t recommend it for people with dry or sensitive skin because it’s citrus. Pink grapefruit is an ingredient because it’s an antioxidant that can improve complexion and it also a lovely scent. I felt that it absorbed quickly without leaving my skin feeling greasy.  I love the holographic unicorn box but it’s a pity the bottle itself doesn’t have holographic unicorns.

If you would like to know more about setting a skincare routine that’s right for you, you can read my beginners guide here. You can also follow me on Twitter and Instagram.

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Skull Makeup From Makeup Revolution

With Halloween just around the corner, I decided to buy some Halloween makeup. I found these gothic cosmetics at Superdrug, they’re all by Makeup Revolution. I will be using these pieces of makeup for my Halloween look which I’m hoping to do at Whitby Goth Weekend if I get the chance to go this year.


The lipstick is part of their Haunted Lipstick Collection in the shade Captivating Curse, it’s a black lipstick so for the best look use a black eyeliner pencil as a lipliner. I didn’t realise the first time I used it but if you roll the lipstick up there’s a skull and crossbones pattern on it which is kind of adorable… in a gothic way.

The Haunted Lights Highlighter is probably the only one I will use in my daily makeup looks, it’s a good highlighter powder, it’s not gothic colours either it’s subtle. I’ll be adding it to my daily makeup bag because it’s cuter than my current go-to which is Maybelline Master Strobing Liquid which I love but it’s bronze so it looks better on me in Summer.

The Haunted Liquid Highlighter in the shade Blood Of My Enemies is great for if you want to do gory but glittery makeup, but you should also be prepared with micellar water and exfoliator because it stains.

Here are the links to follow me on Twitter or Instagram, and this is the link to my post about Unicorn Elixir Makeup Revolution Highlighter.

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Unicorn Elixir Makeup Revolution Highlighter

I bought this highlighter from Superdrug last week and have already used it in a unicorn inspired makeup look. It’s a light silver colour but it also contains fine red and blue glitters that give it a bluey purple shimmer. Because of the glitters, the wear can feel a touch heavy but it looks gorgeous.


One of the things I love about this highlighter is just how light it is. I’m very pale and it’s nice to have a highlighter that accentuates that. The majority of highlighters contain nude or bronze tones whereas this highlighter is perfect for a winter/ ice makeup look.


The bottle looks pretty cool too, its silver holographic label makes rainbow lines which looks very unicornesque. The unicorn head is actually a lipgloss from Peacocks.

Superdrug Face Masks

For readers not in the UK, Superdrug is a British drugstore that sells make-up, skincare and health products. It’s own range is proudly vegan and cruelty-free. There is an in-store salon which has made headlines last week after unveiling plans to bring Botox injections to the high street. Superdrug currently only delivers within the UK however if you’re interested in getting your hands on some English beauty and skincare products I will happily arrange an international box swap. (There is no Sephora here!)

I was recommended these 3 masks as Superdrug’s best masks by a friend as I had not tried their own brand skincare products before. I was glad I tried them because they are good quality and with the 3 for 2 promotion they work out a little cheaper than some of the other face mask sachets I use.


The Tropical Cocktail Peel-Off Mask is a fruity mask that dries hard and peels off your skin lifting out dirt, oils and dead skin cells. I put the whole sachet on thick with my mask brush and it took a whole 45 mins to dry! Next time I will put it on thin and get two uses out of it. It is a revitalising mask and I did feel that my skin was brighter and radiant after use.


The Superfruits Exfoliating Mask is a clay based gritty scrub mask with a berry scent. It’s hard drying and dries fast so it’s best to use small amount to exfoliate skin before applying the mask. The berries in this mask are strawberry, raspberry, cranberry, blueberry and grape. This mask leaves skin feeling smooth and pure however you will have to spend 20 minutes looking like Wayne from The Cramp Twins!


The Chocolate Orange Self-Heating Mask is a clay based mask that feels warm on application. It feels a lot like rubbing warm melted chocolate into your face, the warm sensation disappears after a few seconds but it opens your pores which deeply cleans them whilst still leaving them hydrated. The mask also includes orange oil which improves blood circulation, improving complexion. This mask is not hard drying so after 15 minutes I removed it with my face sponge, unfortunately the dark colouring of the mask left my face sponge stained.

After using these products I will be much more likely to buy Superdrug’s own brand products in the future. I’m excited to try and review more from their skincare range so be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss it.