Cosmic Unicorn And Mermazing Shower Gels Imperial Leather

These shower gels are available in most supermarkets and many high street stores, usually for £1 or under. The bottles are so beautiful, dare I say Instagram-worthy. The mermaid shower gel has a lovely lotus scent whereas the unicorn shower gel is quite plain like soap. It doesn’t really smell like moon, sparkles or unicorn dust; actually, maybe it does because they don’t have a scent either!


I like Mermazing more than Cosmic Unicorn but my favourite body wash from Imperial Leather is still the Unicorn Marshmallow Foamburst which is sold for around £3 and honestly has a much nicer scent, it’s a pink marshmallow gel which turns to a white foam. I would actually recommend Mermazing to anyone on a budget because it’s a nice scent, pretty bottle and good value.

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