Fantasy Unicorn Makeup Brush Set

I picked up these brushes a couple of weeks ago from Savers Health & Beauty. It looks like they were made for Savers. The set contains 3 makeup brushes; a powder brush, A foundation brush and an eyeshadow brush for £4.99. All the brushes are sturdy, they may be budget but they’re functional and a good smaller set dupe for the original Unicorn Cosmetics brushes.


Powder Brush- this brush is a good sized powder brush for the price, it’s ideal for contouring.

Foundation Brush- this brush is really good for applying foundation. Ideally, you would still finish with a blending sponge for perfect results.

Eyeshadow Brush- this brush is for applying eyeshadow, I think it’s best use is using the side to do the under eye area for a smoky look.

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