How To Use Colab Unicorn Dry Shampoo

Today is the 1st of October so this will be my first post as part of Blogtober 2018 which is a 30-day challenge to blog every single day. I’m going to be showing you how to use dry shampoo, I’m using these two from Colab. I don’t actually have a favourite, I love the unicorn fragrance one but the grl pwr one made with Missguided is super cute too and the cap comes with a voucher for 20% off when you shop at Missguided.


Dry shampoo can be a great way of keeping your hair looking good and preventing greasy hair. It should definitely be in your bag if you’re going camping or to a sleepover party but it can also save you if you wake up too late for a shower. These dry shampoos are without white residue so they’re suitable for use with any hair colour.

First you will need to get any tangles out of your hair, then you can part your hair, you need to keep parting your hair all the way through because you need to spray your roots.


Second keep parting and spraying your roots, try to keep the can around 8 inches away from your scalp.


Third run your fingers through your hair to spread the shampoo, it will take a couple of minutes to dry.


Forth brush and style as you usually would.


Only use it a maximum of three days in a row because it will build up, your hair still needs to be washed properly. Dry shampoo isn’t a replacement for your normal shampoo but it can be used between washes to remove grease from your hair and add a touch of volume. These ones also have lovely girly fragrances that make your hair smell nice.

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