Peacocks’ Unicorn Brushes

My latest impulse buy is these brushes from Peacocks. There is a hairbrush for £5 and a set of 4 makeup brushes for £8. All of these bushes’ handles are shaped like unicorn horns, the colours are metallic in a mint green to lilac ombre.


Paddle Hairbrush- I threw my old vented hairbrush out because this one is just super cute and also goes through easier.

Large Powder Brush- This brush is good for a foundation finishing powder or a pressed bronzer/ blush.

Medium Powder Brush- This brush is very similar to the large one except because it’s smaller it’s better for contouring.

Round Shadow Brush- This brush applies the eyeshadow quite dull so it’s quite good for blending and diffusing the colour around the edge of the eyes but I wouldn’t ditch the mini eyeshadow applicators just yet!

Angled Eyebrow/ Eyeliner Brush- This brush is really good because it can be used to apply eyeshadow as an eyeliner and is perfect for brows too.

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