W7 Unicorn Nail Polish

W7’s Unicorn range has a magical feel as the polishes contain fine glitters that have a stunning colour shifting effect in the light. Gratiana, the dark pink polish, shines green in the light. It takes a couple of coats for Gratiana’s vibrant colours to shine through, the first coat looks like a rose gold colour but the second coat really brings the colour to life. Alanala, the lilac polish, shines baby pink in the light and Breanna the baby pink polish shines lilac in the light. Alanala and Breanna are like the twins of nail polish. I think their subtle contrast would work really well for gradient nail art like ombre. It’s definitely something I will try soon.


W7’s Unicorn range is captioned “Add a mystical edge to your nails with this collection of nail polishes. The unicorn range brings iridescent and pearlescent beams of colour to your fingertips. Colours to suit all year round, whether it’s bringing out your inner Summer mermaid or your Winter unicorn.”

The range also includes a polish called Serenity which is described as a “rosey pink with an orange twist” and a polish called Drisana which is a much cooler silvery stone colour that shimmers blue and reminds me of a stream over pebbles.

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